Board Category SVM BSP Board name Linux : convergence_svmc Android : con_svma PMIC NXE2000 DDR Capacity 512MB X 4ea (16Gbit) [Schematic] 1. Main NXP4330SA_CONVERGENCE_CAR_20181114A.DSN NXP4330SA_CONVERGENCE_CAR_20181114A.PDF 2. PMIC module PMIC_MODULA(NXE2000_CHARGE_NON_USE)_20180816A.DSN PMIC_MODULA(NXE2000_CHARGE_NON_USE)_20180816A.PDF …

NXP4330/4331 Datasheet

1. Introduce This is datasheet for NXP4330/4331. It would be updated aperiodic. 2. Release Note Date Description Remark  2017.05.23 NXP4330 Datasheet Ver 1.3.5  2019.10.04 NXP4330/4331 Datasheet Ver 2.0.0

[Giga-PHY Ethernet] RTL8211E Circuit

The Nexell’s AP(NXP4330Q, S5P4418, S5P6818) has GMAC controller. Attached file is RTL8211E circuit for gigabit ethernet phy. Further details refer the application note of each AP. Thanks. Link to click : …

[TABLET_LEPUS] Hardware data

Below lists are data in the attached zip file. schematic(OrCAD 16.6) : NXP4330_LEPUS_VER308_DEV_20160315.DSN schematic(PDF) : NXP4330_LEPUS_VER308_DEV_20160315.pdf PCB (PADS) : NXP4330_LEPUS_VER300_REL_140805.pcb PCB (ascii version) : NXP4330_LEPUS_VER300_REL_140805.asc Thanks. Click to link –> Tablet_LEPUS_HW_Data