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Since founded in 2009, Nexell has been working hard to develop SoC products and achieve IP License Biz. in the Digital Consumer Market, on the basis of GP-GPU technology in which 3D/2D/Vector Graphic and Parallel Computing technologies
are implemented as a single IP.

In addition, the company has been making its efforts in researching and developing IP optimization and Best Solution
in order to provide its customers with the most competitive products in the market.

With the efforts, Nexell is growing as a global enterprise which will be able to compete with the worlds’ best semiconductor design companies in the Consumer Market for Application Processor.

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Board Category SVM BSP Board name Linux : convergence_svmc Android : con_svma PMIC NXE2000 DDR Capacity 512MB X 4ea (16Gbit) [Schematic] 1. Main NXP4330SA_CONVERGENCE_CAR_20181114A.DSN NXP4330SA_CONVERGENCE_CAR_20181114A.PDF 2. PMIC module PMIC_MODULA(NXE2000_CHARGE_NON_USE)_20180816A.DSN PMIC_MODULA(NXE2000_CHARGE_NON_USE)_20180816A.PDF …